How to update theme

In order to update the theme you have two choices:

Re-upload the new theme :

There are a few ways to install themes.

1. Easy Way
-go to your WP-Admin control panel of your blog.
-On the main dashboard, click "change theme"
-Click the tab "install themes"
-Search the theme name you want, and click "install".
-Then click the "Manage Themes" tab at the top.
-Activate the theme you want.

2. Easyish Way
-Dashboard of WP-Admin
-Change Themes
-Install Themes Tab
-Upload Tab
-Upload the theme file (.ZIP)
-Manage Themes Tab
-Activate It

3. If you can't find the theme in the database of wordpress, follow these instructions.
-Keep the .ZIP file of the theme you downloaded.
-Go to the file manager of your wordpress blog site (Or use FTP)
-Go to "wp-content >> themes"
-Upload the .ZIP file to there.
-Extract the .ZIP so it creates a folder of the theme name. You will know you do this correctly if you see the theme name as a folder along with the rest of the default theme folders (twentyten, etc.)
-Once you have the theme folder under "themes" go to your WP-Admin control Panel again.
-Click "Change Themes"
-WordPress will automatically find the theme folder you just added if you did everything correctly.
-Click "Activate" on the theme you want!

Activate auto update click here

if you haven't made any modifications to the main theme file you can update without worrying about loosing content.

Do not hesitate to submit a ticket if you have more questions!